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We have been working with Disney / Pixar and Marvel product licensing for 10 years.

Disney is the largest entertainment company in the world. Own the rights of the greatest hits in the WORLD (Toy Story, Cars, Princesses, Frozen, Avengers, Star Wars and we can’t forget about Mickey and his class)!

We have in our catalog the major Disney licenses. Our toys are developed by us (from concept to manufacture), such as our line of Toy Story’s figures: Sheriff Woody , Buzz Lightyear, Betty, Alien, Buttercup, Green Army Men and the new characters in Toy Story 4: Fork, Bunny and Duck!!!


Do you know Elmer’s glue?

Elmer’s glue is an American school glue that has been around since 1947, and is considered by children to be the BEST glue in the world to make SLIME!

We are the oficial Elmer’s ditribuitor in Brazil. The glue has all the certifications required by Brazilian law.

You can make your Slimes with Cola Elmer’s. Slime clear, white, with gitter, glowing in the dark, changing color, etc … Imagination is the limit!

Kinetic Sand is that toy sand that crumbles while you play!

It is super satisfying to play with the Brincareia. Play zoo, little castle, make super colorful ice creams and anything your imagination go.

It doesn’t stick to the carpet, sofa, clothes or hair. A toy that has reinvented play dough!

If you want, you can mix glue when making a Slime. They say a slime looks super beautiful!

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Pinkfong® Baby Shark™ is a licensed trademark of SMARTSTUDY

Who has never listened to this song that went viral in the world? There are already over 3 billion views worldwide!

Baby Shark has already turned into Baby Shark Challenge, theatre play and even performance at the X-Factor UK final in 2018. A musical fever that entertains millions of children around the world.

We have an amazing line of toys: plush toys, vinyl figures, inflatable for pool and beach, play and a line exclusive for children 0-3 years! Contact us to learn more!

Slimy® is an imported slime with a Swiss formula (totally different from those on the market). Don’t stick to clothes, hair, couch … just don’t stick!

Slimy® is dermatologically tested and is the first slime in the world to be certified (issued by SGS HK) “BORON-FREE” (borax free). 100% safe for children and those who like and play with Slimy®!

Our slimys have attributes that no other has: various textures, smells, colors, etc.
We have small slime, who stretch has 80x its size, the 1.5Kg Mega Pack, one that makes GIANT Bubbles, the Crunchy, etc …

Come meet our line!


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